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EIDF Service Status

The table below represents the broad status of each EIDF service.

Service Status
EIDF Portal Custom badge
VM SSH Gateway Custom badge
VM VDI Gateway Custom badge
Virtual Desktops Custom badge
Cerebras CS-2 Custom badge
Ultra2 Custom badge

Maintenance Sessions

There will be a service outage on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 9am to 5pm. We keep maintenance downtime to a minimum on the service but do occasionally need to perform essential work on the system. Maintenance sessions are used to ensure that:

  • software versions are kept up to date;
  • firmware levels on the underlying hardware are kept up to date;
  • essential security patches are applied;
  • failed/suspect hardware can be replaced;
  • new software can be installed; periodic essential maintenance on electrical and mechanical support equipment (cooling systems and power distribution units) can be undertaken safely.

The service will be returned to service ahead of 5pm if all the work is completed early.