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EIDF Portal

Projects using the Virtual Desktop cloud service are accessed via the EIDF Portal.

The EIDF Portal uses EPCC's SAFE service management software to manage user accounts across all EPCC services. To log in to the Portal you will first be redirected to the SAFE log on page. If you do not have a SAFE account follow the instructions in the SAFE documentation how to register and receive your password.

How to request to join a project

Log in to the EIDF Portal and navigate to "Projects" and choose "Request access". Select the project that you want to join in the "Project" dropdown list - you can search for the project name or the project code, e.g. "eidf0123".

Now you have to wait for your PI or project manager to accept your request to register.

How to apply for a project as a Principal Investigator

Create a new project application

Navigate to the EIDF Portal and log in via SAFE if necessary (see above).

Once you have logged in click on "Applications" in the menu and choose "New Application".

  1. Fill in the Application Title - this will be the name of the project once it is approved.
  2. Choose a start date and an end date for your project.
  3. Click "Create" to create your project application.

Once the application has been created you see an overview of the form you are required to fill in. You can revisit the application at any time by clicking on "Applications" and choosing "Your applications" to display all your current and past applications and their status, or follow the link

Populate a project application

Fill in each section of the application as required:

  • Previous Use of Data Analytics or HPC Resources
  • EIDF Desktop Software Requirements
  • EIDF Data Management Plan
  • Case for Support

You can edit and save each section separately and revisit the application at a later time.


You are required to fill in a "Dataset" form for each dataset that you are planning to store and process as part of your project.

We are required to ensure that projects involving "sensitive" data have the necessary permissions in place. The answers to these questions will enable us to decide what additional documentation we may need, and whether your project may need to be set up in an independently governed Safe Haven. There may be some projects we are simply unable to host for data protection reasons.

Resource Requirements

Add an estimate for each size and type of VM that is required.


When you are happy with your application, click "Submit". If there are missing fields that are required these are highlighted and your submission will fail.

When your submission was successful the application status is marked as "Submitted" and now you have to wait while the EIDF approval team considers your application. You may be contacted if there are any questions regarding your application or further information is required, and you will be notified of the outcome of your application.

Approved Project

If your application was approved, refer to Data Science Virtual Desktops: Quickstart how to view your project and to Data Science Virtual Desktops: Managing VMs how to manage a project and how to create virtual machines and user accounts.