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EIDF User Documentation

The Edinburgh International Data Facility (EIDF) is built and operated by EPCC at the University of Edinburgh. EIDF is a place to store, find and work with data of all kinds. You can find more information on the service and the research it supports on the EIDF website.

For more information or for support with our services, please email in the first instance.

What the documentation covers

This documentation gives more in-depth coverage of current EIDF services. It is aimed primarily at developers or power users.

Contributing to the documentation

The source for this documentation is publicly available in the EIDF documentation Github repository so that anyone can contribute to improve the documentation for the service. Contributions can be in the form of improvements or additions to the content and/or addition of Issues providing suggestions for how it can be improved.

Full details of how to contribute can be found in the file of the repository.

This documentation set is a work in progress.


This documentation draws on the ARCHER2 National Supercomputing Service documentation.