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Accessing EIDF

Some EIDF services are accessed via a Web browser and some by "traditional" command-line ssh.

All EIDF services use the EPCC SAFE service management back end, to ensure compatibility with other EPCC high-performance computing services.

Web Access to Virtual Machines

The Virtual Desktop VM service is browser-based, providing a virtual desktop interface (Apache Guacamole) for "desktop-in-a-browser" access. Applications to use the VM service are made through the EIDF Portal.

EIDF Portal: how to ask to join an existing EIDF project and how to apply for a new project

VDI access to virtual machines: how to connect to the virtual desktop interface.

SSH Access to Virtual Machines

Users with the appropriate permissions can also use ssh to login to Virtual Desktop VMs

SSH Access to Computing Services

Includes access to the following services:

To login to most command-line services with ssh you should use the username and password you obtained from SAFE when you applied for access, along with the SSH Key you registered when creating the account. You can then login to the host following the appropriately linked instructions above.