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Where next?


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  • What are the next steps for me?

  • Understand where you can get further help and support

This episode provides some information on where you can access further support and what other ARCHER2 training you may want to consider.

Further courses

ARCHER2 offers lots of other courses that cover a variety of topics. You can see the full schedule of upcoming courses on the ARCHER2 website. Particular courses that may be interesting to people who have attended this course are:

ARCHER2 specific support

If you are using ARCHER2 then you can access support from a couple of different places:

Other support

If you have other questions around the use of HPC that are not ARCHER2-specific, then you may be able to get help from a local Research Software Engineer:

Key Points

  • ARCHER2 users can get support from the service desk and documentation

  • There are many other courses you can potentially attend