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DiRAC Extreme Scaling User Documentation

DiRAC Extreme Scaling is part of the DiRAC National HPC Service. You can find more information on the service and the research it supports on the DiRAC website.

The DiRAC Extreme Scaling service is an HPC resource for UK researchers. DiRAC Extreme Scaling is provided by UKRI, EPCC and the University of Edinburgh. The hardware is provided by ATOS.

What the documentation covers

The documentation currently includes:

  • Tursa User Guide Covers all aspects of use of the Tursa resource. This includes fundamentals (required by all users to use the system effectively), best practice for getting the most out of Tursa, and other advanced technical topics.

Contributing to the documentation

The source for this documentation is publicly available in the DiRAC Extreme Scaling documentation Github repository so that anyone can contribute to improve the documentation for the service. Contributions can be in the form of improvements or addtions to the content and/or addtion of Issues providing suggestions for how it can be improved.

Full details of how to contribute can be found in the file of the repository.