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  • Where can I get further help on using ARCHER2?

  • What other training is available to me?

  • How can I get access to ARCHER2 for my research?

  • Be aware of the available ARCHER2 documentation.

  • Be aware of what other training is available.

  • Be aware of the ARCHER2 access routes.

ARCHER2 Service Desk

Contacting the ARCHER2 Service Desk is the easiest way to get in touch with the service to ask any questions you have or report issues with your use of the service. You can contact the ARCHER2 Service Desk at:

If you have a particular issue that you would like to discuss in more depth with an expert from the ARCHER2 CSE service you can book a callback from them at a time of your convenience. Please contact the service desk if you want to book a callback with a description of what you want to discuss and your preferred time(s) for a callback.


The ARCHER2 service has extensive documentation available at:

This documentation covers:

ARCHER2 Training

There is also lots of training available through the ARCHER2 service covering many different topics and to suit many different levels. Following on from this course, you may be particularly interested in:

Details of courses, the upcoming schedule and information on how to register can be found on the ARCHER2 training pages.

Getting access to ARCHER2 for your research

There are a number of different routes to obtain access to ARCHER2 resources.

More information on these access routes is available on the ARCHER2 access page

eCSE: help with improving and adding functionality to research software

The ARCHER2 embedded computational science and engineering (eCSE) programme provides funding for you or a research software engineer (RSE) of your choice to improve or add functionality to research software on ARCHER2. To find out more about the eCSE programme and how to apply, see the ARCHER2 eCSE pages

Key Points

  • ARCHER2 has a lot of documentation available.

  • There are lots of training opportunities available.

  • You can get access to ARCHER2 resources via a number of different routes.